Thursday, August 2, 2012

Haystack School of Crafts

  I've taken a break from posting, deciding to just go live and experience for a while.   However, I feel that I've had some wonderful, inspiring adventures that I now want to share!  After my incredible experience at Penland School of Crafts last summer, I vowed to try to return there or to a similar place each summer.  This year I applied for and received a TA position at Haystack School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine working with artist Marian Bijlenga from Amsterdam.  The experience overall was an adventure that was inspirational and restorative.  I figured I would probably love Maine so I decided to go up a little early to explore the island and eat lobster rolls.  I found a hostel to stay at and after asking for my own room they told me I had the tree house, which turned out to be this wonderful little building in the woods that was beautifully constructed by the owner using only hand tools.   There was a storm that night and it was so wonderful to hear the rain and see the lightning, and luckily it kept me dry.    

When I arrived at Haystack I was immediately drawn to the landscape situated down the long staircase that ran through the center of campus.  The campus is situated on land that slopes down to the ocean. Decks connect all the buildings and allow the environment to remain untouched underneath, such a wonderful idea.  Another student noted that we could spend the entire two weeks on decks!  Luckily though, I did not.  This amazing landscape became like a "stage" during my time there showcasing  beautiful light, morning fog, rain, twinkling stars, and an amazing moon.  In the mornings I could hear the chug of the lobster boats from my cabin, situated right on the water.  

During my studio time I enjoyed arranging and photographing my pieces in the studio window against the landscape.  Notice the moon in the piece to the left!  


                             More to come!  

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  1. I'm so glad to hear about your experiences in Haystack. You got a lot of good stuff on your blog Kristin. I also like seeing your influences and student work.