Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Haystack

This is Marian, the artist and instructor that I had the honor of working with.  Not only is she an accomplished artist whose work is known internationally, but she is also a truly amazing and inspirational person.  Within minutes of meeting her she began asking me about my life and family and sharing with me about hers and I felt like I had known her for years.  She is a life learner who allows her curiosity for the world around her to continually feed and inspire her work.  She taught us all how to see with new eyes and to slow down and notice what is going on around us.  
Most of the assignments she gave us made me feel like a kid again.  This was one of our first assignments.  We went out into the environment and collected things (non-living) to bring back into the studio.  We were then asked to make arrangements on our wall out of the items we found.  
This is my arrangement on the left and Lee's on the right.  We were then asked to take them apart and connect the elements together with string or some other material.  
Jeann's beautiful arrangement and some others in progress

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