Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Teaching

Ahhh, summer is here!  It feels as though I spend my school year planning my summer and then my summer planning my school year.  I am in the midst  of four weeks off and am trying to take advantage of this time as it is precious and fleeting!  I spent my first three weeks teaching at St. Catherine's School's Brilliant Summers Program (formerly known as Cat's CAP).  I taught sewing, drawing and printmaking to students grades 2-6.  My favorite class to teach was the one I feared the most originally, teaching 15 2nd and 3rd graders to sew first thing in the morning!  I was quite surprised to learn and to experience their love for sewing along with great patience and perseverance. 
Here are little hands learning to sew!  I had them practice stitching on a shared tapestry.  We bumped a few elbows but had a good time.
We later made pillows, sock creatures (shown above), softies, and tapestries.  The most rewarding part was to see how they all had original ideas that they wanted to see through and in the end felt very proud of their work.  

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