Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Everyone deserves a week of vacation"

My mother is a wise woman and one thing she believes to be true is that EVERYONE DESERVES A WEEK OF VACATION.   Now that I'm reflecting, I realize it has been about five years since I've had a full week of vacation.  I have had weekends away, taken students to Europe, and I have gone on art making adventures, but I have not had a true vacation where there is nothing on the agenda and nothing to take care of.  My family decided to return to Hilton Head, SC where we grew up going vacation and have wonderful memories from our time there together.  This trip was extra special though because we were able to introduce my nine month old nephew to Hilton Head.
Here is my amazing, wonderful, supportive family.  We pretty much looked like this the whole time....smiling and hanging out on this awesome porch.  There was also a lot of kayaking, beach time, and great seafood.   

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